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About BRAC International

BRAC International officially registered as a foundation and its official name is Stichting BRAC International. It is registered under the laws of The Netherlands, with its seat in The Hague. The foundation was formed on March 16, 2009 with an objective to engage in charitable purposes and social welfare activities. Its RSIN (Rechtspersonen en Samenwerkingsverbanden Informatienummer) number is 820561320.

All of BRAC International’s development entities operate under this umbrella. Development programmes include health, education, agriculture, livelihoods, targeting the ultra poor, human rights and legal services programmes. BRAC International Holdings B.V. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stichting BRAC International and was incorporated in 2010. BRAC International’s microfinance programmes, social enterprises, investment companies and regulated finance companies are consolidated under this wing. Social programme supporting enterprises currently include seed production, feed mill, training centres, tissue culture lab etc. .